Community Living Services

Woman wateringCommunity Living Services offer a number of residential options for adults with disabilities. Some programs provide 24-hour staff assistance, while others are need-based programs that provide support on a more limited basis. All residential options are licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Community Integrated Living Arrangement (CILA) is for individuals that live in a 24-hour supervised residential home. This arrangement offers opportunities for them to be as independent as possible in their home and community. They are encouraged to decorate their bedroom and home and to decide those activities and outings in which they would like to participate in. Each resident has an Individual Support Plan (ISP) that recognizes their needs and preferences, and guides the type of support they receive. Our homes are physically integrated into the community. We make every effort to ensure that the homes are similar in terms of size and number of inhabitants to others in their neighborhood.

Family Home Living Arrangement offers maximal supports for those individuals residing in the family home. Our staff will assist each individual as they learn the necessary skills to live in the community. The amount of assistance varies, depending upon the level of help they need. Every moment becomes an opportunity for learning and personal growth.

Independent Living Arrangement provides minimum support, training and direction through direct or consultative staff. This will enhance the individuals’ skills and lead to social integration within the community. Individuals may live in their own home, apartment or shared apartment.

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